Make-a-Wish Wedding Creates Cherished Memories –

Selecting your NYC wedding invitation can be quite challenging. You want to make sure that the wedding invitation is fashionable yet tasteful. Furthermore, it should reflect your personality and color theme for the wedding.

Make-a-Wish Wedding Creates Cherished Memoriesmyfoxny.comThe day before Thanksgiving, 18-year-old newlywed, Leslie Rivera started a clinical trial she’s hoping will tackle her aggressive form of leukemia. Doctors say it’s a ten dose procedure of a drug called Moxitumomab, which targets a molecule found only …and more&n…Make-a-Wish Wedding Creates Cherished Memories –

A little research will pay great dividends in planning your NYC wedding. Few things are more important than selecting a great wedding invitation. It sets the tone for your wedding day and should serve as an inspiration to all who attend. Found below are some resources that I found helpful in advising others on the latest wedding trends.

Useful posts to guide your research


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