Virginia Wettlaufer, Walter Tomenson III – New York Times

Planning your New York wedding can be complicated. Choosing the “right” wedding invitation requires both patience and inspiration. While there are many thousand of designs to choose from, it is always best to consult with others to determine what features they would like to see in an invitation. The Internet is a useful resource to spot emerging trends.

Virginia Wettlaufer, Walter Tomenson IIINew York TimesVirginia Sharpe Wettlaufer, a daughter of Catherine Talley Wettlaufer of Buffalo and the late Conrad Penn Wettlaufer, was married Monday morning to Walter Scott Tomenson III, the son of Leslie A. Tomenson and Mr. Tomenson Jr. of the Village of Golf, Fla….Virginia Wettlaufer, Walter Tomenson III – New York Times

Your NYC wedding invitation should reflect the importance of the occasion. Take the time to consult with friends and family and research the subject fully. Some other useful resources may be found below.

Latest wedding invitation trends


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