Elizabeth Lorenz and Lauren Henkel – New York Times

A well-designed wedding invitations consists of both inspiration and planning. There are many resources available to bridal couples wishing to craft an elegant information. Remember, it is critically important to select a color and design theme that suits your particular wedding desires. Found below are some ideas that you may wish to incorporate into your New York wedding planning.

Elizabeth Lorenz and Lauren HenkelNew York TimesElizabeth Mary Lorenz and Lauren Barrett Henkel were married Saturday at the Queens County Farm Museum in Glen Oaks, Queens. Ms. Lorenz’s sister, Emily A. Powell, who became a Universal Life minister for the event, officiated wi…Elizabeth Lorenz and Lauren Henkel – New York Times

Found below is a short list of useful resources I consulted while tracking the latest wedding trends. Some of these resources focus on wedding invitations, but others deal with fashion trends and wedding planning. Keep an open mind and discover useful resources to help plan your New York wedding.

These are some of the resources I consulted


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